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OnLine Registration

Residents may start registering for summer classes beginning Monday, May 5 at 8:30 am.

If this is your first time registering online, you need to set up your Household Profile. If you do not follow the guidelines as stated in the "Hints" below, you will be considered a non-resident and therefore be required to pay the non-resident fee. Please read the Hints below or

Changes are periodically made to improve the OnLine Registration System. Please review the hints below. They will inform you of any new options to make OnLine Registration more efficient for you.


Use the tab key to move from field to field.

Household ID: Choose a name - maximum 15 characters

Password: Choose a password - maximum 10 characters (Write this information down and save for future registration. At the end of your profile, you will be asked a password reminder question. Write this information down.)

Address: Type your street name only. Direction (N, S, E or W) and Type* (AV, RD, etc.) need to be added separately.

*Street Type - If not typed correctly, you'll be considered a non-resident! Type the 2 initials for your street type as follows:

AV for Avenue
BL for Boulevard
CI for Circle
CT for Court
DR for Drive
HW for Highway
LN for Lane

PK for Park
PL for Place
PS for Pass
PW for Parkway
RD for Road
SQ for Square
ST for Street
TE for Terrace
WY for Way

Birth Dates

Birth dates are important when enrolling for all classes. You must enter a birth date in order to register for any class.

Enter Birth Date as mm/dd/yyyy. i.e., 07/30/2002

Credit Cards

Visa, Mastercard, and Discover

Refund Policy

Frequently Asked Questions