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»Birchwood PoolBirchwood Pool

435 W. Illinois Avenue
recorded information 847-705-5123 x341

»Eagle PoolBirchwood Pool

1425 N. Oak Street at Home Avenue
recorded information 847-705-5123 x343




»Family Aquatic CenterBirchwood Pool

340 E. Palatine Road
recorded information 847-705-5123 x342

»Photo Id

All persons 4 years and older must have a pool photo ID card or daily admission receipt. Children 6 years and under must be supervised by a person who has a pass or daily receipt and who is 18 years or older. An adult may not be responsible for more than 4 children under the age of 7 at any time.

Poolside Cafe

Family Aquatic Center

Poolside Cafe Menu

Party Package Menu/Reservation Form

Birthday Party Packages

Birthday Party Packages Reservation Form

Pool Rentals

2014 Pool Rental Information

2014 Season Pass
(Birchwood, Eagle, & Family Aquatic Center)


Early Bird
After May 1
Senior Resident (62 yrs+)

2 Senior Residents (62 yrs+)

Individual Resident
2 Household Residents
3-4 Household Residents
5+ Household Residents
Senior Non-Resident (62 yrs+)
2 Senior Non-Residents (62 yrs+)
Individual Non-Resident
2 Household Non-Residents
3-4 Household Non-Residents
5+ Household Non-Residents

Pool Pass Registration Form

*Only household members residing at your address must be listed on your pool pass. You will be required to prove residency for those listed on your form.

Pool passes are non-refundable.

2014 Daily Fees
(Birchwood Pool Eagle, & Family Aquatic Center)
Ages 4-17 & 62 years & over with current PPD Resident ID
Ages 4-17 & 62 years & over without current PPD Resident ID
Ages 18-61 with current PPD Resident ID
Ages 18-61 without current PPD Resident ID

2014 Guest Pass
(Birchwood, Eagle, & Family Aquatic Center)

Special rates for house guests are available. Residents with pool passes should apply for a guest pass at the Park District office. Guest must be non-residents of the Palatine Park District. Guest passes may be used for daily pool or gym use.

Guest Punch Card Rates:

Five Use Punch Card $25

Punch card is only valid for 2014. Punch cards are non-refundable.