Palatine Stables Closing Information

May 15, 2024

Sitting at the edge of Palatine, adjacent to Northwest Highway and Dundee Road, sits Palatine Stables. The property, built in the 1950’s, was privately owned until 1988 when it was acquired by Palatine Park District. Over the years, Palatine Stables has served both the novice rider as well as the horse owner. And while the memories of pony rides and show ribbons are recounted by many, the unfortunate reality is that expense of operations and fiscal responsibility to the taxpayers, have resulted in a decision to end programming at the end of the summer season. Boarding operations will continue through November.

The decision to close was not taken lightly, and stems from a comprehensive evaluation of the facility’s structural integrity. The District utilized a structural engineering firm to complete a thorough assessment of both arenas and horse pens that comprised the Palatine Stables. This examination revealed significant deterioration, particularly in the support posts of both the upper and lower arenas, as well as the horse pens. Subsequently, after the structural findings, the District collaborated with a construction management firm to conduct an in-depth tour of the premises. The ensuing evaluation highlighted the necessity for comprehensive repairs and enhancements to meet regulatory standards, estimated to exceed $2.6 million.

Considering the advanced age and condition of the facility, the Palatine Board of Commissioners were compelled to make the difficult decision to cease operations. The considerable financial investment required for the mandated renovations could not be reasonably justified. Access to the arenas and barns will be limited, with current summer programming and camps taking place in the outdoor paddocks. The well-being of the Palatine Stables staff and equines is a top priority for the District.

The District is diligently working with the two full time staff as well as part time staff and volunteers through this transition. Efforts are underway to secure new homes for the 36 district-owned horses and ponies. Additionally, the staff is assisting the 25 current boarders in finding alternative facilities where their horses can be relocated.

The current comprehensive master plan found that according to stakeholders, the 8.5-acre property was purchased more for the land than the operations themselves. As part of the District’s pro-active approach, plans are underway to gather community input by conducting a community needs assessment to devise a master plan for 2025. This process will actively solicit input from residents regarding the future redevelopment of the property. While saying goodbye to Palatine Stables is bittersweet, the District is optimistic about new recreational opportunities to serve our community.

We understand you may have additional questions. Here is our Stables FAQ.

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