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Event Rules

For the purpose of this competition, a band is defined as “having a minimum of 2 members with at least 1 member playing an instrument through the majority of each song.” Bands must be unsigned and be based in Illinois. All persons performing on stage must be listed on the entry form. All band members must be between the ages of 12-18.

The performance must be suitable for a family audience. Band names, lyrics, appearance, and performance must be free from obscenities and lewd references to drugs, sex, and alcohol. Band members (regardless of age) may not use or possess drugs and tobacco during the event. In order to keep everyone safe, bands who encourage moshing or any other potentially dangerous acts may be interrupted and disqualified.

A sound system operated by Park District technicians will be provided at the event. Bands must supply their instruments and any other equipment not provided by the Palatine Park District.

Bands are responsible for the security of their equipment and the event organizers cannot be held liable for any lost, damaged, or stolen equipment or for any injuries that band members or their associates incur in conjunction with the competition. Fires, pyrotechnics, fog machines, etc. are not allowed.

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