Palatine Park District Golf Program Enjoys Successful Year

August 30, 2023


PALATINE, IL — Jack Bell, 13 years-old from Palatine is sweating as he steps into the Palatine Hills Pro Shop on a sweltering late summer morning. Bell, a member of the Palatine Hills PGA Junior League, doesn’t seem phased by the heat. “I’ve been playing since I was eight,” Bell says. PGA Junior League Golf is designed to bring a “little league” atmosphere to the game of golf. According to Erik Klebosits, Palatine Hills Assistant Golf Pro, “The league gives kids an opportunity to learn how to score and compete while having fun with weekly practices and matches.”

With teams of boys and girls ages 10-17, PGA Junior League Golf provides a structured league environment for young golfers to compete and have fun, getting and keeping kids involved in the game.

All juniors qualified to participate in the PGA Junior League Golf by passing a skills evaluation. These skills included ball striking, following instructions, and sufficient ability to play in matches. Evaluations were held in May. For those who did not qualify, an in-house junior golf league was available.

Practices were held on Wednesdays, while matches were played on Saturdays or Sundays. Participants received a team jersey, hat, golf balls, and PGA Junior League bag tag along with their coaching, practices, and matches.

“Our two teams, consisting of juniors from various suburbs, improved throughout the summer, individually and collectively,” Klebosits said. “Many of the juniors developed friendships and strong alliances with fellow golf partners.”

For more information about participating in a future PGA Junior League Golf, visit their website,, or contact the Palatine Hills Pro Shop at (847) 359-4020.

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